We delete your Google Business listing from the search results. Guaranteed within 24-48 hours. Payment only in case of success 💪

Restore your reputation now and delete your company listing in google

We make the impossible a reality

Without connections you stand no chance to have your company listing deleted. We have the right connections.

Guaranteed to be completely deleted from search results and undetectable within 24-48 hours.

After you have hired us, it is time to sit back and have a cup of tea. After a short time, your company profile can no longer be found.

The best: You pay only if we were successful

Since we have a 100% success rate, we are so confident that you only have to pay us upon success.



company entries removed


happy customers

"Bad Google reviews destroy your business. Google does not provide that a business listing that has been created can ever be deleted again. The only thing you can do is to set the business to "permanently closed". With this method, however, the profile will still be found via Google search. There is no other possibility. Through our contacts, we will make your business listing disappear quickly. After that you can think about whether you want to create a new company entry or continue to run your business without an entry."

Dominik from Kingdelete



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After we have verified the business is yours, we get to work.



After 24-48 hours your company listing will disappear from the search results without a trace

  • No, removal works for any Google My Business listing of businesses without exception
  • Google My Business and Google Maps access the same data. So a removal of a Google My Business company profile inevitably removes the entry on Google Maps as well.
  • No, unfortunately, it is simply not possible. The instructions you find all explain how to detach your business profile from your Google Account, mark it as "Permanently Closed" or contact Google, which is not successful.
  • Experience shows that this will not happen. But you have absolutely no risk, because you only pay when the entry has disappeared.

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